Passive Aggressive Bunny Attacks Users Silently on Twitter Space

sign bunny innocent

Have you seen this bunny recently on your Twitter profile? This is the Twitter bunny that makes random appearances on people’s Twitter profiles with a passively aggressive message on a placard for you — because they can’t talk, they hold a placard up for you! The sign bunny is back on Twitter! | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄  ̄| | | | #BAZINGA! | | | |[...]

Meet Ashol Pan, the 13-year-old Kazakh eagle huntress!

Ashol Pan, 13 Year old Eagle huntress

Asher Svidensky, a 24-year-old photographer from Israel visited Mongolia to document the lives of the traditional Kazakh eagle hunters. Eagle hunting is not one of the professions that most of us come across these days. He knew people found this fascinating, but he wanted to show something more about Kazakhstan and its people this time. He was looking for something new[...]

iOS 8 is simply the Best iOS for iPhone Photography

Apple iOS 8 header

From a Photographer’s standpoint, the iOS 8 is the best iOS release ever to come to the iPhone. Apple has gone the extra mile to keep the photographer in you happy. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect out of the new and improved Camera and Photo apps for the iOS 8. “The biggest iOS release ever.” Apple calls this, their[...]

Meet QF 16 World's Most Lethal Drone Ever


In 2013, the US Air Force tested a new version of their F-16 fighter. But this test was unlike any other in Air Force history, the Lockheed Martin Fighting Falcon would be doing barrel rolls and split-s’, all without a pilot. Lockheed Martin never intended the aircraft to be flown as drone. Yet, here we have it — a pilotless[...]

Apple Inc Needs to Brush Up on its Geography

Apple Canada map mishap

This latest goof up on the part of Apple has prompted a new round of light-hearted digs at the Apple. Apple has a long history of having trouble with maps. Right from its clash with Google Maps, and now to a more blunderful, getting the place wrong on its maps. “Apple seems confused about Canadian geography.” To be fair, they[...]

Blowing Stuff Up on the Movie Sets of the Edge of Tomorrow

Blowing Stuff Up on the Movie Sets of the Edge of Tomorrow

Yes, they actually blew stuff up like there’s no tomorrow on the movie sets of the Edge of Tomorrow, (the movie where Tom Cruise repeatedly dies again and again and again.) In this montage video of the critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller Edge of Tomorrow, you can have a look for yourself at the lot of practical effects staged behind the scenes. Stars Emily[...]

CBC Warns Canadians: US Cops Will Pull You Over and Steal Your Money


Over 62,000 US drivers have been pulled over and had their cash seized by small-town American cops in the past 13 years, under civil forfeiture laws that let them declare anyone to be a probable terrorist and/or drug dealer and take their money without charge or evidence; the only way to get it back is to hire a lawyer and[...]

Leaked Clips Show the Next-Gen Windows 9 In Action

Leaked Clips Show the Next-Gen Windows 9 In Action

Around two weeks out from the purported release date of the technical preview of Windows 9 operating system, videos of the upcoming version of Windows have been hitting the internet regularly. German site WinFuture obtained a video showing off a build of the new feature and how users can expect to use it. A number of clips are up for watching[...]

Learn How Trolls Ruin Facebook for the Rest of Us


No matter how hard you try to come up with something nice and friendly, the ways of the unfriendly troll ruins it all. Unearthed Comics illustrates how sad, angry Facebook trolls are ruining the fun for all of us. Have something to add to this story? Share with us in the comments. Related Posts 5 Types of People on Facebook You[...]

New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Advertisement Cries for the Stolen Spotlight

New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Advertisement Cries for the Stolen Spotlight

Samsung has introduced a new ad for its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, talking about how the company first introduced the Galaxy Note series in 2011 and popularized the “phablet” form factor. The advert calls out at Apple for copying this form factor from Samsung, and making a similar looking device after three years. The ad that directly attacks the[...]