Goodbye Internet Explorer: Project Spartan is the new IE

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s legacy web browser most of us used the internet for the first time on. Internet Explorer has come a long way since its initial years. Poor development in the early years created a sort of dislike and sometimes hatred out of frustration in the minds of many users for Internet Explorer. Microsoft finally bids adieu to its legacy web browser, Internet Explorer, in favor of more advanced Project Spartan that will be featured in Windows 10.

FAA may Fine You $10K for Posting Your Drone Footage on YouTube

Illegal Drone footage - FAA takes legal action

Back in 2o14 Raphael Pirker, was fined $10,000 after the National Transportation Safety Board overturned one of its judges’ previous ruling for a case filed against him for flying a five-pound styrofoam plane equipped with a camera to shoot a promotional video in 2011. He argued in court that what he used was just a model aircraft and not an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) — and the NTSB judge sided with him, warning the FAA that it should be careful what it calls a drone, before it ends up classifying everything flying in the air, even paper planes, as UAVs.